I’m an open and honest person. When I graduated from University in 2010 I joined BP, not exactly low emission but energy and its use fascinated me. The economics of energy was also interesting, people in general don’t like the effects of oil and gas and yet we’re the ones that demand it through our daily existence. That demand is rising, yet behaviourally we’re recognising something must be done to protect what we have, our home.

Before I started Zoom, I was in the Middle East helping build a gas plant. I knew that role would be my last at BP for a variety of reasons that I won’t go in to here (you can read more about my article on LinkedIn, here) but fundamentally it was because it wasn’t what I wanted ‘from’ myself or ‘for’ myself. I knew my future belonged in renewables / EVs or technology that would help try and solve some of the biggest issues we all face today.

I started Zoom to be part of that future. I wanted to build a business alongside some amazing people, that looked at some of the biggest problems we all face and helped try to solve them. The key focus with Zoom was to help drive towards a zero carbon economy by making it easier and more cost effective for people to choose sustainable options across transportation and energy. As you can see, through Zoom’s bundle, and our car sharing platform specifically designed for plug-in vehicles, we’re doing what we set out to. We will continue to add value to our offering and grow our impact through amazing benefits and collaborations... one inch at a time.

The other part of Zoom, that has been and always will be at our core, is our commitment to helping remove plastics in the oceans. I honestly can’t put in to words how much this annoys me on a personal level! As someone who lived near a beach in Oman, a beautiful country, with beautiful people, I can hand on heart say that seeing plastic in the ocean just really annoys and upsets me. I genuinely can’t find a better example of how man’s ignorance and existence is impacting on our natural beauty.

So here at Zoom we’re committing ten per cent of our profits to some of the amazing causes around the world that are removing plastics from our oceans and regrowing coral reefs. I want Zoom’s impact and our members impact to go to amazing lengths to help solve some of the key issues that face all of us today.

This is just our starting point, our impact will constantly grow and I hope if you're reading this you’ll join us on our journey.

Many thanks,



Written by Greg Fairbotham, Founder, Zoom (01/06/2019)

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