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We're building the largest electrified community and a brand
that's leading positive change. We make experiencing EVs easy
and affordable because we want transport to be carbon-free.


Why choose Zoom EV?

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EV Enthusiasts

Our team are small but mighty! We know a lot about EVs and want to help you make the switch.

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Great Brands & Benefits

We provide the best discounts and benefits on the market to EV drivers by partnering with leading EV brands.

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Carbon Cutting Mission

We're reducing carbon emissions and we donate 10% of our profits to removing ocean plastic.

How we can help you go ELECTRIC...

EV Benefits for drivers

Whether you lease or own a BEV (Battery electric vehicle) / PHEV (Plug-in hybrid) or are about to, we can set you up with the key services you'll need.

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EV Bundle

Our EV Bundle connects you to the key services you'll need to run your EV, from home energy, charging and parking to EV accident aftercare. Save up to £700 in the first year!

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Get uncomplicated, competitive EV insurance from one of our fantastic insurance partners who understand EVs.

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EV Sharing

95% of the time our cars sit idle. It's more economical and environmentally friendly for us to share EVs when we need them. Experience an EV from a business or an individual on our EV sharing platform.

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Drive an EV

Try out an EV or Plug-in Hybrid from Zoom EV's trusted sharing community whenever and wherever you want.

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List your EV

We support individuals & businesses to list their EVs for free on our sharing platform and make money on vehicles that would otherwise be sat on the drive.

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EV Leasing

Whether you're looking to lease, buy or just try out an EV on our sharing platform, we can help you out. Zoom EV is a credit broker, authorised and regulated by the FCA. 

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EV Leasing

Switching to an EV can be daunting. We'll help you find the EV that suits you best and get you a competitive quote.

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Carbon saved


Trees planted


Plastic impact

How it all works?


Our EV Driver Benefits Bundle can save you up to £700 in the first year by giving you access to discounts across all the key services you'll need to run your EV - from home energy, home and public charging, and parking to EV accident aftercare.


Subscribe to our annual EV Driver Benefits Bundle for £39.99.

Access your benefits

Your Bundle details our partners, the discounts and benefits you can access, and how to access them.

Let us help you

Call us on 01565 373413. We'll guide you through the benefits and help you get them set up. We'll give you as much help as you need.

Enjoy your EV services and benefits

We'll check in with you in a years time to see if you want to renew your subscription and receive the best EV benefits on the market.

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Need help getting into an EV?

Thinking of going electric?

Whether you're looking to lease, buy or just try out an EV on our car sharing platform, we can help. You can help the environment whilst saving money and driving great vehicles.


Hear what our Members say...

Carrie Green Testimonial

Zoom EV has made life so much easier with getting our first Tesla Model X! Insurance was a breeze and the extra perks and savings that go along with everything is amazing!! It honestly saved me so much time, I would highly recommend them, they're brilliant

Carrie Fipps