The UK’s first and only peer-to-peer car sharing platform for low emission vehicles.

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Zoom’s world

New registrations of plug-in and hybrid cars increased from 3,500 in 2013 to more than 130,000 in 2017

Ownership of EV’s and hybrids almost reached 400k in 2017, with the next three years projected to continue this trend

EV and hybrid vehicle ownership in the UK

Last year, participation in the sharing economy increased by 60%, forecast to grow to £140bn by 2025

Chart 2
Participation in the UK’s sharing economy


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A high-impact community, providing a convenient, persistent route to reducing the UK’s carbon emissions.


Zoom Car Share

Multi platform interface

Our customer offering includes:


One holistic service for customers

EV and Hybrid

Snappy, convenient access to EVs and Hybrids


Great revenue generating opportunities for owners


Comprehensive, tiered insurance and breakdown cover


Journey planning through our partnership with ZapMap


Immediate access to charge point networks nationwide


Other services include ease of payment and ability to extend rental


A friendly community that’s big on personal impact


From sign-up to sharing and caring, it’s simple!

Our focus is on a seamless, engaged customer experience, using the sharing economy to drive interest, innovation and impact.

Who we’re working with

Original equipment manufacturer

Original Equipment Manufacturers



Travel for Greater Manchester

Transport for Greater Manchester


Zoom’s business concept is hugely refreshing. It is great to see a business not only focusing on two growing and increasingly relevant sectors but also being built by an individual whose own purpose is to have a positive impact and who wants to enable others to do the same

— Head of EV, OEM

Who’s Greg?

Greg Fairbotham is...

Greg Fairbotham

...the man behind the wheel of Zoom. He’s been working in the energy industry since graduating university in 2010 and his drive is to facilitate the new era of transportation through low emission car sharing. Ultimately, it’s about empowering others to have a direct impact on reducing carbon emissions.

With an insider's view of the energy sector, Greg truly understands the importance of finding more sustainable forms of energy and transportation. Being part of this is his passion.

Greg’s vision is for Zoom to be the peer-to-peer car sharing platform of the future - purpose built with a new generation of vehicles and people in mind. No other company in the UK, and quite possibly the world, is doing this. The proposition is simple:

  • Increase EV and hybrid uptake
  • Enable owners to generate revenues from their investment
  • Give renters access to a fantastic database of low emission vehicles
  • Have a measurable impact on carbon emissions

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